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“CM INDIA” AN IS0 9001-2000 COMPANY, is in the business of COMPLETE INTERIOR SOLUTION, along with their product line of MODULAR FURNITURE.

Furniture is an integral part of the complete interior setup. The creative aspects of any interior project when is based on strong technical detailing the final product is pleasing to senses and pleasure for the end user to operate.

Core team at “ CM INDIA” comprises of Architects and Interior Designers who create aesthetically beautiful designs, the Engineers who ensure the quality of the product by using the best technology available in the market, and to complete the package the Contract Labor in the team add value by taking care of all the peripheral aspects of interior project like civil work, electrification, false ceiling etc.


  • Home Furniture
  • Modular Kitchen
  • Modular Office System Furniture
  • Solutions For Display Furniture For Branded Retail Chains Like BIG BAZAR, RELIANCE, And The Likes.


  • Architectural Consulting Services
  • Designing And Manufacture Bespoke Custom Furniture
  • Turnkey Project Includes
    • Designing
    • Manufacturing
    • Contracting For On-Site Peripheral Works Like, Civil Work, False Ceiling And Wall Paneling, Painting, Electrification Plumbing Etc.

At present “ CM INDIA” offer their services and products to the individual customer and the institutional clients. To sustain our edge, we shall focus completely on maintaining our highly skilled team, and modern technology on shop floor.


One day in yr 1989, I was sitting in my office, A US based customer called me and asked, can you reproduce the replica of some antique pieces I have picked from “ chor bazaar”? “chor bazaar” has been A favorite destination for foreigners looking for antique colonial furniture from India.

Practicing as A consultant Architect & Interior Designer since 1978, it was a strange request. I was working with all kinds of clients, trying to convert their dreams to reality. Like A typical consultant, I used to spend my time with clients to understand their needs and tastes. Based on this discussion we use to arrive at design solutions, which were then executed on site. For execution team of contractors were selected.

The process always used to be very satisfying to my creative mind, but the execution always painfully slow and not so perfect.

So when the clients came asking for replica of the furniture piece which was created by a master craftsman, it seemed like “A mission impossible” I was worried the carpenters I had to my disposal will take very long to fulfill the need, and the end product may or may not match clients’ expectation.

I started surveying the market, to find if someone having workshop could do the job. To my dismay they were ready to sell only the products from their shelves.

I encountered the similar problems, when ever clients were in “hurry to get, exactly what they wanted in their stipulated time frame.”

Between carpenters who were completely unorganized, and large scale industries that had standardized product line, customer was looking for solution that suited his need. CM India caters to this need of customers.

In year 1992,”CM INDIA” made its humble beginning by borrowing Rs. 9, 45,000 under MUN (mahila udyog nidhi) scheme, from Maharashtra state financial corporation (MSFC).With the help of term loan, 1100 sq mtrs of plot was procured in MIDC (Maharashtra industrial corporation), in Nashik. 6000 sq, ft of workshop area was built and required woodworking machinery was installed.

To be able to provide customized designs and total solution, the organization is aligned and in total rapport with the client throughout the process. In year 1995, big corporate and government departments went through revolution. Computerization in all the areas of public work was being introduced. CM INDIA was the pioneers in introducing the computer furniture which could be easily installed.

With IT companies entering the market computer furniture became integral part of every desk, and trend of “modular furniture” got popular. Even home sector welcomed the idea, and”modular kitchens” were accepted.

By year 1997, CM INDIA enjoyed leading edge in Nashik, with its new product line modular kitchen and modular office system line. By year 2000, 80 % of CM INDIA’s total revenue came from modular kitchen and modular office furniture.

With improved product line, our customer base became very sound. With our emphasis on customer satisfaction through quality and customization, we are able to sustain our position in market. Our value addition in form of willingness to provide product and solution on individual requirement has attracted repeat business. Many consulting architects work with us for execution of their designs. We now have leading builders, architects and interior designers, and big corporate offices in our list of happy clients.


CM INDIA is committed to establishing a long lasting customer’s relationship through fulfilling customer’s need of personalized designs, high quality furniture product, and complete interior solutions.

Defining who we are and how we differentiate from others in market is very vital to us.


  • Making creative and meaningful contribution to our customers.
  • Responding to change through continual improvement in design and innovation.
  • Respecting environment and make environment friendly furniture.
  • Creating social and economical values for employees.

We at CM INDIA thrive to develop spirited, friendly and professional environment for customers and employees.



CM INDIA is committed to establishing a long lasting customer's relationship through fulfilling customer's need of personalized designs, high quality furniture product, and complete interior solutions.

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