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Modular Kitchen Head


Just 15 years back the term “Modular Kitchen” was unheard about and was considered to be the product used only by rich people. The old kaddapa structures of a civil kitchen have made way for finely finished kitchen cabinets made of Marine Ply, or pre designed structure, that give the kitchen a perfectly finished look, besides being water-proof.


Modular means “constructed with standardized units or dimensions for flexibility and variety in use modular furniture ” Design involving a module or modules as the basis of construction: it is series of independent units that can be combined in a number of ways: in modular kitchens all the storage components are designed to suite the requirement in A typical kitchens.


Conventional kadappa kitchens used to have just one shelf for storage. The spaces in such A kitchen is not convenient to reach to. Modular Kitchen cabinets on the other hand offer ample space for storage, below counter top and above in wall units, with the corners and space below sink put to good use as well. CM INDIA launched the concept in Nashik in year 1995.Today modular kitchens have become a basic necessity. Modular kitchens come in all range.

CM INDIA under its product line two major kitchen brands.

Agney KitchenAGNEYA kitchen Inheriting all good qualities of IDA kitchen, AGNEYA kitchen takes more stylish outlook.The choice of shutter material, and hardware makes, AGNEYA kitchen truly international standards, without compromising the basic efficiency.

Ida KitchenIDA kitchen is an elegant entry level kitchen. In spite of its simplicity IDA is very efficient, cost effective, easy to maintain, versatile kitchen. If you are A first time home owner, IDA is just A right choice.